AIONCO KOREA Co., Ltd. is the only company in Korea that has digitized the entire wholesale service process by YESBEE platform from global trade to fulfillment and marketing since its establishment in 2015.

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YESBEE aims to revolutionize global wholesale by bringing together all the work between K-brands and global buyers into one platform.

There are many ways for brands to go international. However, trying to execute all of them can be resource intensive. Our business model is to connect brands and buyers by finding the best distribution method for each country through our platform.
YESBEE Service Brief

HIVECENTER provides integrated logistics fulfillment service that allow you to operate quickly and efficiently from A to Z of domestic and international B2C and B2B shipments.

Stock up at Hive Center, a fulfillment center that increases sales just by stocking! We are the only fulfillment service in Korea that has operational know-how, self-developed systems, and global distribution channels specialized in consumer goods such as cosmetics and household products.

With multiple investment partners.