YESBEE PLUS helps brands grow their sales rapidly by localizing distribution in the Japanese offline market.

Through YESBEE PLUS, the brand is able to enter and promote major offline stores such as @cosme, Loft, Plaza, Tokyu Hands, and Don Quijote in Japan, as well as e-commerce operations such as Kyuten and Rakuten, and online and offline marketing operations.

YESBEE PLUS provides a service that incubates K-brands for global expansion and connects them to distribution through YESBEE.

YESBEE PLUS helps K-brands that have built up recognition in Korea but are not well known overseas to grow into global brands through online and offline marketing for countries such as Japan and China, and B2C operation agencies for major channels.

As an export voucher performing company, YESBEE PLUS is the only service that can connect overseas sales through overseas marketing and operation agency business.

YESBEE PLUS is an official performing organization that provides services for selected export voucher companies from incubation to distribution in Japan and Greater China. From online and offline advertising to live commerce, we offer services tailored to each brand and current trends.